Back from the dead, just in time for the Holidays.


So, I’ve been busy. Very busy actually.  So busy, in fact, that I’ve sort of neglected things like my website, updating my tattoo portfolio, and keeping up with my Etsy account (shut down temporarily due to me not having time to make prints or jewelry.)

I’ve deleted my facebook account and quit smoking (for now, no promises) because I consider both to be a nonessential time suck and equally bad for my health and well being.  I seem to have shaved an hour or so off off my work day so I’m going to have to adjust my scheduling a bit but the appointments don’t ease up until March so I suppose we’ll see what happens then or maybe I can fit some of my freelance artwork in those empty slots.  I never imagined having to choose between tattooing and illustration but the idea of watercolor paper not wiggling or sighing or humming or whining is a tempting thought.

I did, however, start an instagram account, missmartindoestattoos. Less bullshit, more eye candy, and obligation free.  I really don’t post too much tattoo work on there, mostly food I make and things that I think are pretty or funny so if you want to see current tattoo work, you will have to look here at my website when you’re finished tweeting, following, and liking everyone else’s lives  Considering that cyber stalking is practically a part time job, this site should be updated by the time you’re through.

This year I’ve been featured in an article in Freshly Inked Magazine and on their website – Freshly Inked Magazine Interview – I’ll post the tear sheets in the press section of the site but you can also click the link back yonder for a phone or tablet friendly version.


I was also interviewed for Sourpuss Clothing’s blog in lieu of some freelance work that I’ve been doing for them-Click here to go to Sourpuss blog

Here are a few samples of the apparel that my work is featured on:

Also, stay tuned for housewares as well.  Rumor has it that pillows, plates and travel mugs are in the works as well as a few other surprises, I’m sure.

So far, I’ve completed a trio of fancy ladies (two of which you see here) and a sheet of nautical themed flash (that I’m hoping will show up on a shower curtain? Aprons?? Fingers crossed) and I’m about to start some roller derby (how appropriate!) themed artwork for them hopefully sooner than later.

I’m in the process of making some fancy necklaces as well, mostly in anticipation of the 2013 Start Of Texas Tattoo Art Revival here in Austin and I should have some new artwork, prints and originals, including the pieces I made for Sourpuss as well.

In the meantime, I will try to be a little better about keeping up with this thing and keeping y’all informed ;-D